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NEWCO S-Profiler

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Quick Overview

Super Automatic Beverage System

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Super Automatic Beverage System

Rugged Color Touch Screen

Easy programmability and operation from front of unit.

Password Protection
Segregated programming functions require different pass codes to access different parts of the programming.  Manufacturer, user and service functions are protected from tampering by unauthorized personnel.

USB Programmable
Recipes, user graphics screen, and other data may be loaded using the USB port on the rear of the brewer.  Firmware upgrades may also be done for both upper and lower board using a USB drive.

Brew Selection
Control the number of active brew recipes on screen (from 1 to 25). Recipes are grouped by the type of beverage.  Selectable icons and beverage summary information help ensure the correct recipe is chosen for preparation.

Optional Cold Water Dilution
Allows preparation of iced tea and other cold beverages on the same machine.

Direct Access Programming
Allows user to quickly go to specific program items rather than scrolling sequentially through long tables of non-relevant choices.

Recipe Programming
Take complete control of the brewing parameters for individual recipes to ensure perfectly prepared beverages. Recipe summary screen serves as front end to access powerful detail screens providing as much or as little control over recipe creation as desired.  

Water Delivery
Control of all water delivery parameters including:

• pre-infusion volume
• pre-infusion pause time
• concentrate volume
• concentrate delivery time and pulsing
• concentrate drip time
• by-pass temperature
• by-pass volume
• by-pass delay time

Brew Sentry
A “fresh beverage” screen appropriate for the type of beverage brewed will display at the
conclusion of the brew cycle to help sell your beverage. A user customizable screen will display alternately
with the fresh brew/tracking screen to promote your company. An on screen count up timer will advise the
operator how long it has been since the last brew and the timer will reset after brewing again.

Power Switch
Located in rear to be readily accessible for service but not to be accidently shut off.

Energy Saving Modes
Various power modes allow for energy savings during periods of non-use. Time until power save begins is customizable and may be turned off.

Temperature Control
Thermistor fully enclosed in the center of tank to monitor at critical point. Autoarm may be set globally or independently for each recipe and may also be turned off. A tolerance setting for each mode adds additional control over the brew temperature.

Other customization
Either metric or imperial measure may be used to program and display volumes and temperatures.

Errors and Service Messages
Colorful and informative error messages quickly alert the user of the specific cause for an error and provide a customizable call for service phone name and phone number. Errors reset when power is cycled to minimize service calls related to transient error conditions.

Service Data
A resettable cycle and volume indicator tracks the number and type of
brews along with the associated water volume. Filter tracking information is also maintained if filter tracking has been activated.
Errors are logged and a count maintained to help with preventive maintenance.

Settable Brewer Parameters
Allow configuring the control to match the brewer type by enabling operation of only the features installed. Installed features may also be disabled if needed to simplify operation in particular accounts.

Additional Information

Dimensions (L X H X D) (mm) 304x597x447
Weight (kg) 16.0000
Call For Price Yes