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NEWCO ACE Telescoping Series

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Quick Overview

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Product Sheet



  • Brews Into The 2.5L Zojirushi AYA-E with Base
  • Brews Into The 1.9L & 2.5L Thermal Servers w/ Reg Base
  • Brews Into The 3.8L ShurizJo Thermal Servers Without Base


  • Brews Into The 2.0L Up To 2.5L Vessels
  • Brews Into The 1.9L Up To 2.5L Vessels 
  • Brews Into The 2.0L Up To 2.5L Vessels
  • Brews Into The 2.2L KK Airpots


  • Brews Into The 2.5L Zojirushi AYA-E
  • Brews Into The 1.9L Up To 3.8L ShurizJo Thermal Servers Without Base
  • Brews Into The 2.0L ShurizJo Airpot


  • Brews Into Thermal Butler/ Brew though lid
  • Brews Into Short Thermal Carafe/ Brew though lid/ Vaculator
  • Brews Only Into The 1.9L Vaculator S/S Thermal Server - Tall

Plumbing: Water line should be 20-90 PSI and have a minimum flow rate of 1.5 GPM. Mechanical connection on brewer is 1/4” male flare connector.

Electrical: 120V models are 2 wires plus ground service rated 120V, single phase, 60Hz. 120/240 V models are 3 wires plus ground service rated 120/240 V, single phase, 60Hz.


Additional Information

Dimensions (L X H X D) (mm) VAR
Weight (kg) 15.4000
Call For Price Yes

One brewer...One solution
Newco’s Telescoping Brewer that adjusts to fit your shorter dispensers.

  • Ready light indicates optimum brew temperature.
  • Flashing brew light alerts user that coffee is brewing. 
  • Universal base for perfect dispenser alignment.
  • Gravity fed hot water faucet for tea, soups and hot cocoa.
  • Tank “ON/OFF” switch for easy installation.
  • Auto arm capable. When activated lock out brew cycle until optimum temperature is achieved.
  • PDS Valve. The most accurate flow control on the market, eliminating service calls due to inconsistent pot levels.

Adjust it high for the taller dispensers:

Higher Cabinet Clearance
26.25” H x 8.5” W x 17.5” D
Basket Clearance: 19”

Shown with dispenser PN: 120705 2.5 L Shurizjo Airpot

Adjust for the short dispensers:

Limited Counter Cabinet Clearance
16.75” H x 8.5” W x 17.5” D
Basket Clearance: 9.5”

Shown with dispenser PN: 109115 the 1.9 L Thermal Butler
Decaf Lid Only PN: 109385

Machine Height      Basket clearance in Inches
16.5 Minimum          9.5 Minimum
17.25                         10
18.25                         11
19.25                         12
20.25                         13
21.25                         14
22.25                         15
23.25                         16
24.25                         17
25.25                         18
26.25 Maximum      19 Maximum