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Vivreau V3-204 V3

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Quick Overview

Downloadable Product Information and Technical Sheets

Product and Technical Sheet



  • Dispenses chilled, still and sparkling water Substantially reduce costs of purchasing pre-bottled mineral waters
  • Re-usable glass bottles in 425ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 liter sizes
  • Bottles can be personalized Save the environment - eliminate regular deliveries as well as the disposal of empty bottles and packaging
  • High performance ice bank refrigeration system capable of delivering very high volumes of chilled water at low temperatures, particularly at peak demand times
  • Power saving option to reduce electricity
  • Eliminate any storage issues
  • Purpose designed bottle washing trays designed to fit most commercial dishwashers
  • Removable tap nozzles for ease of cleaning and sanitizing

Additional Information

Dimensions (L X H X D) (mm) 375 x 540 x 527
Weight (kg) 44.5000
Minimum water pressure 50 PSI
Maximum water pressure 80 PSI
Minimum water flow 80 US gallons/h
20 Amp Socket No
15 Amp Socket 15amp electrical socket (5-15) 120v/60hz (11 amps)
Call For Price Yes

Product Dispensed: Advanced micro-filtered, chilled still and sparkling water

Application: For the purpose of filling Vivreau re-usable glass bottles 

Equipment Dimensions:

Width 14 ¾” Inches Depth 20 ¾” Inches (drip tray to rear overflow) Height 21 ¼” Inches (to top of cabinet) 24 ¾” Inches to top of dispense tap

Please note that the system is installed as a Countertop unit. Alternatively it can be installed as an Under Counter system. Under-counter: (alternative option) Base unit is installed beneath the work surface with the dispense tap and drip tray fitted to the work surface immediately above. Refer to Bottler V3-205 specification sheet.

The following services are required to be supplied by the customer and must be available prior to installation:

1 potable 1/2” cold water supply terminating in a ½” ball valve, ½” female pipe thread. (ball valve must be accessible for service and installation)

*The Vivreau system incorporates back flow prevention, any additional back flow devices required by local or state code must also be supplied by the customer prior to installation. Minimum water pressure 50 PSI Maximum pressure 80 PSI Minimum water flow 80 Gallons per hour 15amp electrical socket (5-15) 120v/60hz (2 amps) CO2 - (customer supplied) CO2 must be available for installation *If connecting to a bulk or existing CO2 system a CO2 line terminating at a ¼” barbed shutoff valve must be available within 40” of the Bottling System installation site, 100psi minimum pressure.