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Mavea C300

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Quick Overview

Downloadable Product Information and Technical Sheets

Product and Technical Sheet



  • Limescale deposits and the associated machine breakdowns are reduced and additional service and repair costs are thus decreased
  • The removal of unwanted taste and aroma elements in the filtrate (and also in the bypass water) for optimum quality of the end product
  • One filter head concept for all cartridge versions in the PURITY C range with various head designs for individual requirements
  • Simple to handle with rapid-change system with innovative locking handle for reliable adjustment
  • Integrated flush valve for easy operation, and space-saving thanks to the water inlet and outlet on one side of the filter head

Additional Information

Color Standard Aluminum
Capacity 7917L (2091 US gallons)
Open Flow Rate 60L/h (15.85 US gallons/h)
Service Flow Rate No
Output Pressure No
Pressure 25PSI (8.6 bar)
Temperature 39.2–86°F (4–30°C)
Max TDS No
Max chlorine No
Electrical No
Delivery Pump - Sound emission No
Dimensions (L X H X D) (mm) 125 x 464 x 119
Weight (kg) 2.7000
Wet weight (kg) 3.9
Call For Price Yes

Specially developed for catering and vending sectors, the PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges reduce carbonate hardness in drinking water and therefore reduce the danger of limescale deposits in equipment. In addition, the filter medium retains metal ions, such as lead or copper, and also reduces substances that can negatively affect taste and aroma (such as chlorine residues).