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Dalla Corte Super Mini

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Quick Overview

Downloadable Product Information Sheets

Technical Specification Sheet



A semi-automatic cleaning cycle allows to perform the maintenance of the groups and the boiler.

efficienza energetica

Cup heater

Cup heater allows two heating mode, continuous or intermittent.

design ergonomico


Ergonomic design. Enables creation of milk foam with a half-twist of the dial.

efficienza energetica


Each brewing unit can be turned on or off independently.



The 54mm diameter filter ensures an high quality extraction

Grinder Control System (GCS)

Ensures automatic adjustment of the grinding and of coffee dose, thanks to the serial connection between the machine and the grinder on demand.

design ergonomico2


Ergonomic design. Completely visible, low-lying group heads allow the portafilter to be attached easily.

new mcs

Milk Control System (MCS)

Perfect milk foam at the touch of a button.

schermo multi-funzionale

Multi-functional display

With control buttons – simple, easy to use programming and complete overview of all machine functions and settings.

Online Control System (OCS)

Controls all machine functionality remotely, regardless of time and location.

lancia a vapore

Perfect milk foam consistency

Thanks to a 3-hole tip steam wand.

speciale design beccuccio


Ergonomic design. Balanced spout for coffee extraction that does not keep coffee traces inside.

assemblaggio intuitivo

Simple construction

The machine can be opened up easily by removing just 4 screws to facilitate maintenance.

Additional Information

Dimensions (L X H X D) (mm) 320x490x410
Weight (kg) 33.0000
Power Consumption 24hrs (kW) 2
Connected Load 115V 1Ph 60 Hz 15 amps
Steam Boiler Capacity (L) 3.5
Individual Brew Boiler Capacity (L) 0.5
Serial Connection Type No
Brew Boiler Casing Mass (kg) No
Call For Price Yes

Super mini and mini have the same basis as our professional machines: the multi boiler technology. The brewing unit is separated from the boiler and is the same as used for the Evolution and the dc pro.

The Mini is designed for houses and offices, the super mini for small restaurants and bakeries.

Both machines offer the possibility to discover the full potential of an espresso blend: the brewing temperature can be regulated to whatever degree you like.